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Wood Countertops

The edge grain panels are widely employed for countertops, kitchen islands tops, table tops counter tops kitchen backsplashes workbenches worktops and for other kitchen furniture applications. The wood structure is displayed in all its complex coloration and intricate drawings while the longitudinal laminate arrangement provides great elasticity and resistance. The edge grain construction demonstrates superior stability and makes an economical alternative to the end grain chopping blocks.

Available in both - full strip (no butt joints) and finger jointed versions, the edge grain panels sum up more than 80% of our business. Regardless the structure type, we take our time to catch the beauty that wood has to offer to its highest degree. Each strip composing our panels is individually picked and carefully selected, so that their alternating pattern will result in the best visual effect.
As there are no two strips truly identical, so there are no two panels exactly alike. Every wood panel is, indeed, unique, with its own individuality.

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End Grain Butcher Blocks

End grain butcher blocks are built from short solid wood elements glued in such a way that only the end grain shows on both the top and bottom sides. As these elements are usually rectangular in shape, the whole board gets a mosaic or chess board pattern. Although such looks are highly visual, the heavy occurrence of end grain chopping blocks in restaurant kitchens, meat shops, and wherever a great deal of cutting and slicing is involved is given by rather pragmatic reasons.

The end grain structure confers a remarkable sturdiness to a thick enough block (and we believe that a 4” thickness is the minimum you should settle for when it comes to end grain blocks), so it will withstand with no problem frequent heavy blows of the meat cleaver or any other similar implement into the butchers meat shops. In addition, end grain butcher blocks are much gentler on the knife's edge because, instead of grinding against the wood fibers, the blade will actually "squeeze" between them, thus wearing out much slower. For the same reason, the top itself wears out at a slower rate than a conventional edge-grain cutting board.

We build our end grain tops from hard maple and European beech wood. Both species have a grain that is tight enough to limit the absorption of fluid, but not so tight that it will affect the stability of the product itself and cause cracks. Both of them are safe in contact with foods and do not impart any taste or odor to the foods they come in contact with. They equally display a nice look and a remarkable wear resistance and are highly recommended for butcher meat shops counters, restaurant chopping blocks carts, chef butcher blocks and why not for a regular kitchen!

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