Maple butcher blocks counter tops, kitchen islands, wood countertops, bar tops for kitchen remodeling and design

European Maple - Wood Species

Generally straight-grained but often with wavy or curly grain and very intricate, filigree-like drawings. The European maple wood has a lighter color than its American cousin and lacks the yellowish tones of the later. It possesses an innate shining and makes a great presence when stained with a color light enough not to hide the wood’s natural drawing. The pieces derived from radial cut exhibit distinct shimmer (or chatoyance). Highly versatile, it blends well with a great diversity of hardwood flooring and cabinet kitchen types.  
It is slightly softer than the sugar maple but with a greater shock and decay resistance. In this regard, it closely resembles the western maple. It has good dimensional stability and does not impart taste or odor to the food it comes in contact with.

Working properties: 
Works and machines very well but is predisposed to burning marks. Sands and polishes to a very smooth surface.

European Maple wood texture sample